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IIT Guess / IITJEE Papers / 2006 / Physics


Physics Paper

Section – A (Single Option Correct)

Q.1. Given

The time constants (in μS) for the circuits I, II, III are respectively

  1. 18, 8/9, 4
  2. 18, 4, 8/9
  3. 4, 8/9, 18
  4. 8/9, 18, 4

Ans. (D)

Sol. (D)

Q.2. Two blocks A and B of masses 2m and m, respectively, are connected by
a massless and inextensible string. The whole system is suspended by a
massless spring as shown in the figure. The magnitudes of acceleration
of A and B, immediately after the string is cut, are respectively

  1. g, g/2
  2. g/2, g
  3. g , g
  4. g/2, g/2

Ans. (B)

Sol . (B)
aA = g/2
aB = g

Q.3. A point object is placed at a distance of 20 cm from a thin plano-convex lens of focal length 15 cm, if the plane surface is silvered. The image will form at
  1. 60 cm left of AB
  2. 30 cm left of AB
  3. 12 cm left of AB
  4. 60 cm right of AB

Ans. (C)


Q.4. A biconvex lens of focal length f forms a circular image of sun of radius r in focal plane. Then
  1. if lower half part is covered by black sheet, then area of the image  is equal to
  2. if f is doubled, intensity will increase

Ans. (B)



Q.5. Given a sample of Radium-226 having half-life of 4 days. Find the probability, a nucleus disintegrates after 2 half lives.
  1. 1
  2. 1/2
  3. 1.5
  4. 3/4

Ans. (B)


Disintegration of each nuclei is independent of any factor. Hence, each nuclei has same chance of disintegration.